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Shortly after they moved in, John discovered that the front hallway -long and narrow- was the perfect dimension for crowding Rodney against the wall and kissing him.

In summer, when the skies are bright and clear, John drags Rodney down to the beach. Most days, Rodney brings a journal or his laptop and refuses to leave the shelter of the trees several yards away from the waterline. But some days, when the warm dry winds bring extra heat in their wake, Rodney will carefully slather on at least three layers of sunscreen and follow John into the waves.

They don’t stay long because even in the cool water the sun is far too hot. They stumble across the blistering sand and pause in the shade for a few minutes while the heat dries most of the water off their bodies. Rodney frets about ultraviolet radiation and cancer all the way back to the house and once they're back inside, out of the worst of the heat, John kisses Rodney to shut him up.

Rodney relaxes against the wall and kisses John back, licking the edges of John’s mouth in search of the salt left from the ocean. After a few minutes, John pulls away from Rodney’s mouth and drops a light kiss on his shoulder instead. He claims he’s checking Rodney’s freckles for signs of melanoma and Rodney's toes curl in the swirl of sand they've brought in with them as John kisses the inside of his elbow.

Winter is best. Although it doesn't usually get below the upper forties around here -a fact of which Rodney is fond of reminding John whenever John complains that it's freezing- the air does get crisper and colder. Rodney pulls out his orange fleece and John takes to padding around the house in socks.

Some days, when it's particularly cold, John listens for Rodney's footsteps on the porch and then lies in wait in the dining room doorway. As soon as Rodney opens the door, John launches himself down the hallway, sliding along the wood floor on be-socked feet, nearly running into the entry table and narrowly avoiding tripping over the remote control cars, before colliding with Rodney and pinning him to the wall with a muffled "oof."

John kisses him, his own warm lips pressed against Rodney's cold mouth, hands bunched in Rodney's fleece. Rodney melts right into the kiss. However much he berates John for wandering round in socks on the slippery floor, he never berates him for the ridiculous exuberance of his homecoming greeting because Rodney loves this ritual of being welcomed home.

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] winkingstar
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] berlinghoff79

Where to next?

The Living Room
The Kitchen
John's Study
2nd Floor
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