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Tub for Two

That was it then. The last tile was in place and the grout left to dry. John stepped back and leaned in the doorway, the tools on his belt leaning with him to bump against the jamb. Older houses were notorious for small bathrooms, and even as close and he and Rodney were… sometimes a man just needed room to spread out and space to leave his underwear and socks on the floor if he wanted, without a lot of lip from his partner.

Rodney had bitched for months about having to use the downstairs bath, but John assured him the renovations would all be worth it in the end. Damn, that series of skylights had been an inspired idea, even if he was the only one who thought so. The contractor had looked at him as if he'd had two heads, but he'd done the job anyway. The problem hadn't been the rectangular shapes with the rounded tops, it was those other odd shapes on the sides. Like canons or rocket engines, the guy had said. To which John had just smiled and casually mentioned there were other contractors he could call.

Looking up into the rich blue beyond the lights, it occurred to John that the guy probably thought they were somewhat phallic in shape, which now that he thought about it... Rodney was sure to see both references.

Yep, gone were the days of fighting over one sink, and John worrying if he'd ever find his toothbrush or razor again if he happened to leave them in the wrong place. Rodney now had his own generous sink and a recessed stall with his own toilet. His own linen closet stocked with his own towels. His own dressing area with his very own large mirror.

True, he'd needed to take out one of the guest bedrooms to make it happen, but Rodney didn't care much for company anyway, and there was plenty of room downstairs for the occasional visit from family and friends. Ronon was easy; he preferred the beach house.

John realized he'd been very particular about the design and there were probably a few things Rodney wouldn't admit to liking… but he was convinced the huge tub-for-two in the middle of the room would make Rodney's eyes go wide and part his lips in that upward smile-downward slant that made John's stomach go all fluttery. That and the glass-enclosed shower behind it. With his and his showerheads and jets, tile benches on either side and those cool inlaid grippy things on the floor to keep you from losing your footing when things got slippery. He could already hear the whining about how they'd chafe Rodney's knees.

The faint sounds of a weather report and the clinking and rustling of sandwich making drifted up from downstairs. Rodney was finally taking a break. John turned and stepped over to the stair railing.

"Hey Rodney, you wanna come take a look at this?"

Yeah, that grout couldn't dry fast enough.

Artist: [livejournal.com profile] noxie3
Author: [livejournal.com profile] neevebrody, Title: Tub for Two
Notes: This room was the odd one out. First came the pic, then came the fic.

Where to next?

The TV/Game Room
The Garden
Rodney's Study
The Garage
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