The Garage

Dec. 27th, 2009 10:34 pm
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John grabbed his coffee and headed out to the garage.

It was a large single-storey built at the side of the house and could hold three cars easily. When they’d been house-hunting, Rodney had been adamant that they’d need the space - and had then promptly never parked his car in it once they’d moved in, preferring instead to leave it next to John’s truck out on the driveway. John did use it for his bike though, or the ‘turbo-charged machine of death’ as Rodney liked to call it while shrieking like a little girl as he clung onto John’s waist as they zipped along the highway. Even with the bike though, and the pile of boxes in the back that they’d never quite got around to unpacking, there was still plenty of room for his workshop.

Okay, so workshop was kind of a grand name for the space in one corner that John used for goofing around with pieces of wood, but he liked to hear Rodney splutter every time he called it that. It wasn’t like he was ever going to be a master craftsman, but he liked the smell of fresh cut lumber and sawdust, and using his hands to build something. It felt good.

He’d set up a long workbench – at just the right height to slide a fridge under - and had a few tools hanging from hooks on the back wall. There was nothing fancy - some saws, chisels, and planes – just the basics that he’d picked up at a yard sale not long after they’ve moved into the neighbourhood. The tools were old and worn, but they’d been looked after, and John liked the idea that he was giving them a new lease of life.

He put his coffee on the bench and smiled. Maybe it was a little like him and Rodney and their new life together.

He turned on the iPod docked in the corner, and Johnny Cash’s gravelled voice filled the room.

John ran his fingers over the smooth grain of his latest project and reached for the pot of wood stain, whistling happily. One last coat and Rodney’s bookcase would be done.

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Author: [ profile] bluespirit_star
Artist: [ profile] berlinghoff79

Where to next?

Entry Hall
The Garden
2nd Floor
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