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SGA Construction

Let's Build a House, McShep-style

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Name:The House Fandom Built
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SGA Construction

...there was the idea to draw a picture of John Sheppard and Rodney McKay's house. It didn't stay that simple. It grew into the Insane Artist's newest sekrit project. Far bigger than any of her projects before.

...came the hunt for writers, who'd want to claim a room/area in the house and write a 500 word-ish ficlet playing in that room. Lots of people signed up and in the end there were 11 rooms that needed to be illustrated, which led to the ...

...step in the development of The McShep House: The search for artists, which also was a great success and underlines, like the hunt for authors, what an amazing bunch of awesome people Insane Author's flisters are. *glomps*
6 artists started to claim rooms, no reading of ficlets beforehand to make it more fun.

And Now?
Now Colonel John Sheppard and Dr.Rodney McKay, PhD, PhD have another place to call home, built not by the Ancients but by anna_luna, bluespirit_star, calcitrix, chkc, el_gilliath, kimberlyfdr, lavvyan, mella68, neevebrody, noxie3, taiteilija, tarlanx, tipsywitch, velocitygrass, winkingstar, and berlinghoff79.
Special thanks go to tagetes, em_kellesvig, mezzo_cammin for beta and clicking duty.
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